Who we are?

Welcome! Here's why Single Traveler Network helps adventurous souls take new journeys.

Our Mission: Empowering Single Travelers

Don’t have anyone to travel with but afraid to travel alone? Want to meet people at your destinations but don’t know how? Want to know if you’ll like a group before committing time and money? Dread walking into an event not knowing anyone? Single Traveler Network solves a dilemma: Many of us either need or want to travel solo. At the same time, we are human and there are times on the journey where we seek the company of others – as traveling companions or as people we meet along the way.

Who doesn’t want to share experiences and learn about others in different cultures and place? What we seek to do is bring together seekers and opportunities, opportunities to share some piece of the journey. Take the next step, join us. There’s no cost and no obligation, but there is a door to a great adventure.


We are two world travelers working together to facilitate amazing getaway adventures.


Bill Russell

Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur, experienced traveler, likes traveling both solo and with companions.


Geoff Livingston

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Digital marketing pioneer, author, and photographer.


At Single Traveler Network we find fun ways to enhance your travel experience.  The “single” in Single Traveler Network is not about relationship status, it’s about travel status. One of the answers we’ve come up with is “Gatherings.” Learn more.

How we do it

  • Local partners help guide the group events.
  • We research and plan the best things to do.
  • You can relax while we handle the details.

Why it matters

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or on business, we know you have unique needs. Enjoy the site. Feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions for new travel destinations. And get ready to experience and share fantastic adventures with us!