Single Traveler in Orlando

Downtown Orlando at the Lake
Lake Eola in Downtown Orlando

For a lot of people the idea of the Single Traveler in Orlando seems a contradiction. Orlando is the home of Disney World. Disney World is for kids, right? Yes, it is the home of Disney World. But, even though it’s for kids, adults can have a blast there. It is also the home of a lot of great things to do and see.

Disney World

Japanese Pavilion at Disney World
Japanese Pavilion in Epcot

Let’s take this right off the top. Disney World is fun whatever your age is. Our last visit was just this month. Because we went on a Friday, we knew there would be a lot of kids and we went early. Even though the park opens at 9 AM, get there by at least 8 AM to get your tickets and get at the front of the line. If you do this, you’ll miss a lot of the traffic that builds starting around 11 AM. Our choice for the day was Epcot, a favorite.

Adult Activities

There are lots of things to do for adults. Since single traveler members tend to be pretty active and healthy, an in-park 10K might interest many of you. The Disney Wine & Dine 10K in November is a good chance to meet some other runners. Or, maybe, you’d like to bring a group of friends to run with.

There are lots of restaurants and adult beverages spots. Because the countries sponsoring the pavilions want to make a good impression, there are some excellent places. There are at least five Japanese restaurants at their pavilion. Try Tokyo Dining for a great view of the lagoon and wonderful food or Kabuki Cafe for a quick bite.

Four country pavilions in Epcot stand out to us:

  1. Japan – A favorite of many because of the great job they did building a traditional complex of buildings and grounds. Also, there’s a wonderful dining selection.
  2. England – Great shopping and an entire village to check out.
  3. Morocco – They’ve built a small shopping bazaar to give visitors a nice feeling for the real thing.
  4. Canada – Our neighbors to the north give an experience of their native culture.
Disney World
English village in Epcot at Disney World

Downtown Orlando

Because this is about Orlando, it’s sometimes easy to forget about downtown while concentrating on the area. First of all, Orlando has one of the most beautiful city cores in the country. Downtown Orlando is Lake Eola and its’ park.

Downtown Activities

First of all, Orlando is a real urban environment, but a nice one. There are still lots of single family residences in the midst of high rise buildings. As a result, Orlando escapes a lot of the abandoned feeling of other urban cores.

Orlando Central Business District
Downtown Orlando

Public Art

Many people have made significant contributions to public art in Orlando. Due to the significant number of wealthy retirees, much of the public art has been private donations. However, the city has a significant commitment to acquiring and supporting the public art effort. A walking tour of Orlando public art is a great way for the solo traveler to see the city collection.

The Leaper bronze figure by Roy Shifrin.
Downtown Art “The Leaper”


Orlando is dominated in sports by the Orlando Magic, the NBA professional franchise that plays out of the Amway Center in downtown. Both men’s and women’s professional soccer have franchises in Orlando. Because of this level of sports activity, there is a lot to attract single traveler sports enthusiasts

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