Top 10 Favorite Airbnb Stays

Our top 10 favorite Airbnb stays in 2018 is an interesting mix. 2018 was a full year of travel and, for a majority of trips, Airbnb was used on at least one portion of the trip. Airbnb has consistently supplied clean pleasant places to stay at reasonable prices compared to other options in the same places. When you’re a single traveler it’s nice to have a place where you just feel at home. Each one of the places has its own unique character and they ran the gamut from a waterfront condo in California to several farms in Virginia to a townhouse in Carlisle, England. What they had in common was an easy sense of being at home and obvious efforts to maintain the property.

Top Ten Airbnb Properties for 2018

  1. Fat Dog Farm in Lexington, VA
  2. theSTORE in Raleigh, NC
  3. In Town Saluda, NC
  4. 1860s Farmhouse, Pilot, VA
  5. Maybelle’s Guest House, Check, VA
  6. Downtown Glasgow, Scotland
  7. Harrison House, Carlisle, Cumbria UK
  8. Waterfront Luxury Condo, Long Beach, CA
  9. Penmerryl Farm, Greenville, VA
  10. Victorian Terrace House B&B, Dennistoun, Glasgow

Fat Dog Farm

This was actually a stopping place twice in 2018. It is on a beautiful farm about a fifteen minute drive into historic Lexington, Virginia. This is a wonderful property just to appreciate being in nature. It is beautifully furnished and very comfortable and it has terrific vistas. A 1790s farmhouse that has been totally restored with air conditioning, Fat Dog Farm is one of the most tastefully furnished places you’ll stay. Sit outside and look at the mountains or walk over to see the horses in the corral. Because it’s a quick drive into historic Lexington you’ll have great access to the campuses of Virginia Military Institute and Washington & Lee University and plenty of renowned restaurants. Did I mention that it’s dog friendly. That is especially important for the solo traveler who needs to take their dog along on trips.


The store actually is an old neighborhood grocery turned into an Airbnb and event venue. The stay there was over a Saturday night while a cocktail party was going on downstairs and there were no problems with noise – in fact, there was an invitation to attend the party from the host. So this stay was a nice opportunity for a single traveler to meet and mingle.  The Airbnb bedroom was actually a suite with its’ own walk-in bathroom. Very cozy, very comfortable, and very convenient to downtown Raleigh.

Saluda, North Carolina

What a wonderful surprise on this one when checking in. The smaller cottage that was booked was unavailable and they substituted an entire farmhouse-style home. It was an easy three block walk into the heart of Saluda and its wonderful restaurants. The house itself is historic site and the town is surrounded by terrific scenery with nearby whitewater kayaking and plenty of natural hiking on the Appalachian Trail. While you’re in town be sure to stop at the Wildflower Bakery for a fantastic breakfast and say hello to Debi.

1860s Farmhouse, Pilot, Virginia

This is one of the nicest pieces of farm property you’ll ever see. It is secluded, yet an easy drive into Floyd and their music scene or the Virginia Tech campus. The Airbnb itself is in a restored 1860s farmhouse. A great job was done on this home. As a bonus, you have a history of the project in photos. Walk the fields, pet the horse, and enjoy the absolute quiet and serenity. This is a place to consider if you’re wanting to do a personal retreat or a family get-together where kids would feel right at home.

Maybelle’s Guest House

Another Airbnb near Floyd, Virginia, Maybelle’s is comfortable and inviting – both because of the house and because of the host/owner, Stephanie. Again, an excellent place to stay in Floyd to enjoy the music scene. With your host Stephanie you have an active participant in that music scene. She also sponsors a couple of singing events here and in Mexico that you might want to talk to her about. Check out both the Chantilly Farms Bluegrass and BBQ Festival and Floyd Fest, a five-day music festival nearby.

Downtown Glasgow

It was hard to tell what this condo would be like when booked it. It looked convenient and boy was it! In Glasgow to see the European Games, what was needed was a place near the games in the center of the city and close to the shopping. It was both. In fact, the bicycling event ran right by the front door of the building. It’s close to the subway system and the train station, museum, restaurants, and the second largest shopping district after London. Around the corner is a hidden little gem of a museum, the Glasgow Police Museum. The Glasgow Police force was the oldest police force in Great Britain. Special bonus for Dr. Who fans, David Tennant, the 12th Dr. Who obviously lives nearby and twice walked by this building in the morning.

Harrison House

Harrison House in Carlisle, Cumbria, UK is a delightful two story townhouse, completely remodeled. Since everything is walkable and it is easily accessible by train from Edinburgh, Glasgow, or London, Carlisle is one of the most popular small towns in the UK. Most sites are in easy walking distance of the middle of town. The two biggest attractions in town Carlisle Castle and Carlisle Cathedral. Both are well worth the trip and both are over 900 years old. The big exception to walkable is Hadrian’s Wall, which you’ll need a car or taxi to visit. Again, this Roman fortification is well worth the trip, a bucket list item for many people. Heartily recommended for wonderful Italian food for dinner is Gianni’s Pizzeria, only two blocks from the Harrison House. Make sure to get there early or make a reservation. You’ll find lots of locals eating there.

Waterfront Long Beach

This is a great location in short walking distance to the Long Beach Convention Center and the many waterfront parks and Queen Mary. A very comfortable couple of days at the condo and you’ll really appreciate the location. It is an easy walk to the convention center for meetings, to the Queen Mary to get some pictures, to the really large parks on site, and to several restaurants along right down the street from the building. The condo is large with two bedrooms, two water view balconies, and a large open kitchen. A lot nicer than an equivalent-sized hotel suite with better amenities. Since it’s so convenient to the convention center, book early becaue you’ll be competing with saavy business travelers.

Penmerryl Farm

This perfect place for dogs and horses and those who like to have both around. Sitting in the middle of a horse farm is a rustic lodge shaped built like an old motel. The rooms are so-so, but the farm is quiet and there’s a lot of room to walk through the woods on the horse paths or along the long road leading back to the main road. The breakfast was to die for. For the solo traveler with a horse, this is a place for both of you. The town of Greenville, Virginia is an old stagecoach stop, so, if you like looking at old 18th and 19th-century buildings, Greenville is a great place to visit. The short main street is packed with old buildings, many restored. There are active horse trials at Penmerryl Farm for those interested.

Victorian Terrace House B&B

Dennistoun is a basically a close-in suburb of Glasgow, transitional and blue collar. You’ll find great restaurants in Dennistoun and a short walk into Glasgow, the Glasgow Cathedral, Tennent’s Brewery, and Strathclyde University. This is a large bedroom in a large Victorian townhouse. Two things about this Airbnb – it is an incredible bargain at $33 a night and Thomas is a wonderful host. Breakfasts with Thomas were enjoyable and you’ll get some important tips on the neighborhood and getting around. Check out Coia’s Cafe right down the street. We’ll personally endorse their food and the atmosphere.

Enjoy Our List

That’s our list. Because we have our own standards, there were a couple of places that didn’t make the list. What are the reasons why a place didn’t meet our standards? Since solo travelers need to feel confident in their surroundings, don’t leave out important items. First, and foremost, is security, so if you’re an Airbnb don’t overlook mentioning that your place is in a very bad neighborhood. Second is cleanliness. Just about anything else can be overlooked if a place meets the most normal criteria, but not a lack of cleanliness. Because a restful trip is important, don’t leave out that you’re located next door to a concrete factory or that guests are going to share a bathroom with two other rooms.

We hope these give you an idea of a good place to visit and stay if you’re looking. Happy travels!